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Heading onto the court with a regular pair of gym shoes or running shoes is one of the worst blunders you can make when playing pickleball. Utilizing high-quality gear is essential for boosting your performance, but staying safe and preventing accidents is just as crucial. We don’t want to injure an ankle or cause plantar fasciitis when playing sideways sports like pickleball, and other similar activities, right? By offering us a lot of stability and grip on the court, the best pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis assist us to avoid it. 

When you buy your pickleball shoes, one thing you should keep in mind is that you want to ensure that they will accommodate your feet comfortably. Look for characteristics like non-skid, decent arch support, non-marking soles, and airy mesh to encourage airflow. Because finding the best pickleball shoes can make all the difference in preventing plantar fasciitis. 

Well, which shoes are the best pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis? Which ones are the most comfortable ones? Which one is the most economical and ergonomic model? To find the answer to all these questions, read along the whole review and get yourself informed about the best options.

K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe

We advise K-Express Swiss’s Lite Shoe if plantar fasciitis pain frequently prevents you from playing pickleball. It provides enhanced stability and supports thanks to a plastic chassis that spans the midfoot. Moreover, a moisture-wicking stocking layer maintains your feet warm and dry.

This shoe is 2-3 ounces lighter in weight than many of our other similar options, weighing only 9.8 ounces. To increase the longevity of the Express Light, a drag guard is also incorporated into the design. The high-heeled collar is excellent for athletes who require additional arch support. Pickleball shoes in broad widths can be hard to find, but K-Swiss provides this shoe in broad widths from size 5 to 12. This shoe comes in a variety of vibrant or simple hues that are as attractive as they are functional.

Key features: 

  • Rubber compound construction offers a high-density outsole to provide unmatched durability to the whole feet.
  • A second line of defense towards extreme toe-dragging is offered by the Durawrap.
  • A Plantar Supporting Chassis made of 180-degree thermoplastic that improves midfoot mobility.
  • OrthoLite foam’s distinctive open-cell structure offers a humidity management system that aids in removing moisture and fostering a colder, dryer, and healthier atmosphere.
  • Dragguard provides greater resistance to abrasion and is situated in the high-wear areas of the heel and toes.
  • They offer a good variety of sizes and a good range of vibrant colors for both men and women. 


  • Moisture-absorbing sock layers
  • Lightweight
  • Offered in many colors and sizes
  • Ideal for wide feet
  • Good arch support
  • Very airy and comfortable


  • Long-heel collars may be uncomfortable for some players

FitVille Court Shoes for Pickleball 

It can be challenging to find pickleball shoes for wide feet that have fitting room and support. Finding the ideal fit is simple with FitVille’s Amadeus Court Shoes because they are only offered in wide and additional wide sizes, and they are more reasonably priced than many other choices.

Soft material covers the insole’s honeycomb-like structure to offer cushioning and vibration damping. A large, deep-heel cup also provides good stabilization. Moreover, the footbed and insole are also replaceable in case you need to add your own personalized orthotics. The anti-torsion inner sole is made up of long-lasting and non-slip rubber material making it ideal for pickleball and tennis as well.

Key features:

  • Ortholite material construction increases stability and helps in natural foot movement avoiding shock absorption and pain relief. 
  • Anti-odour features and airy material help keep your feet dry and odorless.
  • Enhancing foot and leg alignment with arch support reduces anxiety and discomfort brought on by flat feet, arthritis, diabetes, and plantar fasciitis. 
  • These pickleball shoes have the broadest and deepest heel cups for relieving heel pain, such high arch soles provide enhanced support and avoid foot and ankle sprains.
  • It comes with additional cushioning to make long walks and long games comfortable for you.
  • The ergonomic design provides anti-torsion features, keeping you consistent throughout cross movements while playing. 
  • Offered in wide and extra-wide designs, these shoes are the most comfortable option for players who often suffer from plantar fasciitis.


  • Anti-odor technology
  • Deep and comfortable heel cups
  • Anti-torsion design
  • Very economical
  • Available in wide and extra-wide designs
  • Maximum shock absorption


  • The outsole might feel stiff

Skechers Men’s Viper Court-Athletic Pickleball Shoes

In our opinion, these comfy sneakers are the best pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis. Skechers Performance footwear, which is a division of The Comfort Technology Company and is powered by innovation, is designed with athletes in mind and delivers outstanding comfort and lightweight materials across a variety of products. The Viper is a terrific choice for both indoor and outdoor gaming since it has tough rubber soles, excellent traction, and mesh accents. 

You can take out the insole and replace it with your own orthotics if you need a more personalized fit. This flexible shoe is a good alternative for activities like pickleball, and tennis cross-training, thanks to its cushioned tongue that avoids blisters. The Arch Fit insole in the shoe conforms to your foot and provides cozy, podiatrist-recommended ankle support. 

Key features:

  • Goodyear rubber outsoles provide improved traction for both inside and outside court play.
  • These pickleball shoes have a loose fit and an adjustable top lace-up closure for a pleasant workout; the upper is made of ventilated athletic mesh for a cooling system.
  • These podiatrist-designed heel support soles feature a podiatrist-designed form created using 120,000 unweighted feet scanning and 2 decades of information.
  • These multipurpose shoes can be used around the house, to work, business, or travel, or even while driving to bring performance convenience to casual settings.
  • The insole can be taken out and replaced with your own orthotics if you need a more personalized fit.
  • The Arch Fit insole in the shoe conforms to your foot and provides cozy, podiatrist-recommended ankle support. 
  • The sketcher is a terrific choice for both indoor and outdoor gaming since it has tough rubber soles, excellent traction, and mesh accents. 


  • Podiatrist certified shoes
  • Removable sole
  • Multipurpose
  • Improved traction
  • Good arch support
  • Ventilated mesh material


  • The top is not airy enough

ASICS Men’s Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoes

They are made to function flawlessly on a pickleball court. Fabric and synthetic materials are used to create it. When it comes to the midsole, it is made of the lightweight Solyte midsole substance.  This material’s advantage is that it is lighter than regularly used EVA and SpEVA polymers. It also provides superior endurance and cushioning.

Moreover, the heels and the front foot have a gel padding system built in. Thus far, it effectively absorbs impact shock. The rubber sole gives it outstanding durability and comfort. Similar to other ASICS models, it nevertheless maintains the structure of the shoe while reducing the weight of the sole, thanks to the TRUSSTIC System. It effectively absorbs moisture due to its Ortholite Sockliner. These shoes are ideal for treating plantar fasciitis due to their high level of padding.

Key features:

  • The midsole is made up of lightweight Solyte material, which is more lightweight than commonly used EVA and SpEVA polymers.
  • The heels and the front foot have a built-in gel cushioning system, making it absorb impact shocks effectively.
  • The sole is made up of durable rubber material which increases its longevity and durability.
  • The TRUSSTIC System maintains the structure of the sole while keeping it light on the feet.
  • The ortho-lite sock liner helps to effectively absorb the humidity, keeping your feet dry and warm.
  • The added cushioning inside the shoes makes them ideal for players suffering from plantar fasciitis and other ankle discomforts.
  • The airy outsole and broad gauge help produce more smooth and balance movements.


  • Lightweight Solyte construction
  • Quick to move
  • The Trusstic system maintains the structure
  • Extra gel cushioning
  • Airy outsole
  • Good shock dampening


  • Not very durable 

Orthofeet Innovative Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Pickleball

Pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis with characteristics like arch support, extra padding, deep heels, comfortable soles, etc. are available from Orthofeet. You can be confident and stay active on your feet with Orthofeet pickleball shoes since they are made with the special Ortho-Cushion System constructed with integrated orthotic insoles that can provide extra cushioning and stability.

High-quality insoles with an adjustable arch booster and many cushioning layers offer soft, pillow-like support for comfort and pain relief on the feet and heel, upwards from to the knees, hips, and lower spine. The internal fabric’s SEAM-FREE construction relieves pressure on the feet and offers Exceptional comfort as well as safety for delicate feet. A wider TOE-BOX provides additional toe mobility space and releases pressure from hammertoes and bunions.

Key features:

  • In addition to a non-binding fit for the front of the foot and toes, a wide and spacious toe box and a deeper design also relieve strain on swollen feet. 
  • Superior cushioning, a gentle rocker design, and adaptive soles increase stability, ease of walking, and springiness.
  • For fragile feet, non-binding, elastic uppers with additional foam cushioning and a seam-free material inner give Supreme comfort as well as protection.
  • The anatomical ankle support manages overpronation, balances foot, and leg alignment, and helps eradicate foot and heel pains.
  • Dryplex anti-fragrance fabric and polyU foam removes the moisture and keeps your feet dry and removes the odor.
  • The orthotic insoles provided with the shoes not only prevent your feet from twisting inside the shoes but also help in foot functions.
  • The stretchable top of the shoes helps accommodate swollen feet, making them even more comfortable.


  • Arch support
  • Padded heel seat
  • Layered cushioning
  • Breathable top cover 
  • Anti-odor fabric
  • Orthotic insoles


  • Some players might find them stiff

Concluding remarks and buying guide:

To feel comfortable on your feet while playing pickleball, it’s essential to choose the ideal shoes for plantar fasciitis. Choosing shoes with characteristics that provide your feet with the support they require is vital since wearing the wrong shoes can exacerbate the pain associated with plantar fasciitis. 

The best pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis shoes should provide features like:

  • The arch support provides support to your ankles
  • Layered cushioning for shock absorption
  • Deeper heel cups to save heel bones from pain
  • Ergonomic sole for a comfortable feel
  • Strong heel counter to prevent slipping while playing
  • Spacious toe box to allow free movement of toes
  • Roomy inner to hold orthotics 

Our reviewed 5 best pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis feature all the aforementioned qualities. But our favorite remains the K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes because of all the best-featured qualities and good value for money.

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