How To Pick Volleyball Shoes – Explaining The Essentials

How To Pick Volleyball Shoes - Explaining The Essentials

Agility and speed are always required in volleyball. It is such a game that you must constantly change movements and directions. So buying volleyball shoes requires a lot of in-depth looks and a lot of caution. A better thing always leads to better. Calm things always keep a person calm, so while choosing shoes, it is crucial to make yourself aware of how to pick volleyball shoes and what features make it the best. 

Therefore, the decision should be made after much thought whenever you decide to buy a shoe because shoes are the backbone of any sport. Your sports performance always depends on good shoes; the better the shoes, the more impressive the performance. Therefore, some critical points should be considered while buying volleyball shoes. For example, the shoes should be light, soft, and stable. The shoe should have a good grip on the surface. The size of the shoes should be appropriate and spacious so that your feet do not feel cramped and you can freely move around everywhere at high speed. 

So, choosing volleyball shoes is not a difficult step, but it can be difficult for those who have just started, and they need to take a guide. Thus, many questions arise: What should the shoes be like? What should be their features? How should their weight and how should their grip be? We have answered all these questions in this article so that you can check out the features of the shoes and enjoy and benefit from them.

So, without further ado, let’s get to know how to pick volleyball shoes. 

How to Pick Volleyball Shoes – Essentials to Consider

Many factors go into determining the composition of a shoe that we will discuss below. 


Proper fit is an extraordinary and crucial part of volleyball shoes. Inspect the shoe thoroughly by wearing it on your feet and moving it around to see if it is comfortable. Make sure your foot fits snugly in the toe box of the shoe, and the toes move around. Find the width and arch support of the shoe according to the shape of your foot. Because volleyball is a physical sport, its shoes must be comfortable and stable.


Physical movement is essential in volleyball and involves physical contact on the field. This game requires a lot of grip between the playing surface and the shoes. A firm grip helps the player perform better. 

The grips of volleyball shoes are beneficial for the player as well as providing better stability. The firmness of the shoe’s grip on the playing surface will allow the player to enjoy his game.


The game of volleyball requires quick movements and quick turns. Such movements can only be possible through stability. So look for a shoe with a soft foam upper and lacing strips to provide extra stability to the foot. 

The shoe holds the foot firmly and does not wobble, featuring a lacing system, allowing the player to perform his game well. The shoes should also be such that they can provide comfort to the ankles so they do not twist and get hurt during the game.


In this demanding sport, shoes have to work hard. For this reason, the durability of the shoes can withstand all. Every athlete wants their shoes to withstand all kinds of shocks, weather conditions, and wear and tear with ease.

The highly durable material of the shoe provides durability, strength, and stability. High-quality construction also contributes to the longevity and durability of the shoes.

Hollow and cracked shoes lead to injuries and bruises.


The shoe’s width and openness help the player’s movement and agility. The inner front should be spacious enough to allow your toes to move freely and avoid heat and support. A shoe that is too tight can cause problems for the athlete.


Softer cushioning in volleyball provides comfort and relaxation to the player. Cushions play an essential role in the athlete’s running and jumping. Players who don’t use cushioned shoes will face weird knee and ankle problems.

Arch Support

Arch Support is incorporated into volleyball shoes to provide comfort and support to players. Paying attention to Arch Support when buying shoes will make you the best resource. It makes you healthy and your game great.

Shock Absorption 

The game of volleyball has a lot of speed and bounce. Shock Absorption inside the shoe protects the player from injury and falls. Shock absorption provides comfort and relaxation to the feet.


While buying the shoes, remember whether it has traction or not. The shoe’s outsole should be such that it can provide the best traction on the field of play.


Whenever a beginner or an experienced player is buying a shoe, it is vital to check the weight of the shoe. The weight of the shoe has a significant effect on the performance of any athlete. If the shoe is too heavy, it will make it more challenging to move, accelerate, and slow down the player, negatively affecting his game. Volleyball shoes are significantly lighter than tennis and other sports shoes because of the high speed required. For competitive players and advanced athletes, lightweight shoes are crucial for better performance.


Flexible shoes are best, and they improve balance and agility in gait. Such flexible shoes make the playing surface perfect for the player.

So, while buying a shoe, remember that it is made of synthetic mesh. Made from synthetic mesh helps with breathability and flexibility.


Volleyball is developing slowly, so its items are also precious. Volleyball shoes are expensive compared to other shoes, so they are challenging to buy. But you buy them according to your budget. You can also buy low-cost shoes; just make sure they suit your needs well.

What to Consider in Volleyball Shoes?

Apart from this, there are many things to look at for the construction of the shoe, such as the extra fabric inside the shoe that provides comfort to the feet.

  • Holes on both sides of the tongue
  • Traditional laces to provide adjustment
  • Mesh panels make the shoe more breathable
  • Toe cap for added durability
  • A rubber shell to protect the toe and add durability
  • Ventilation holes to get rid of sweat and moisture
  • Tough upper shell made of synthetic leather for durability
  • The midsole of the shoe creates arch support
  • The heel panel covers the heel of the shoe
  • Padded tongue and collar to prevent injury
  • Soft foam cushions in the front of the shoe
  • Layers of cushioning to protect the heel area from stiffness
  • Outsole to provide better traction
  • Elastic material to add flexibility to the shoe

Types of Volleyball Shoe Players

  • Men’s volleyball shoes: 

Men’s feet are big and heavy, so these shoes are wide and have more traction.

  • Women’s volleyball shoes: Women’s feet are narrower and shorter than men’s, so their shoe box is kept smaller and lighter.
  • Junior’s volleyball shoes: 

Juniors’ shoes are designed to reduce traction and provide support

Different Types of Volleyball Shoes

If we look for volleyball shoes in the market, we will find many shoes with different and unique features, and their benefits are also evident. Here we will mention the characteristics of three main different types of volleyball.

  • Shoes for indoor volleyball
  • Shoes for outdoor volleyball
  • Shoes for beach volleyball

Shoes for indoor volleyball

Indoor volleyball shoes are designed for playing volleyball on indoor courts. They have a gum rubber sole, non-marking, lightweight, breathable, and padded midsole for cushion and comfort. It has a rubberized solid rubber sole with no harsh lines and is lightweight and comfortable. Its padded sole has soft cushioning and forefoot perforations, making the shoe breathable—indoor volleyballs are available in various colors and technologies. The flexible and light absorbent indoor shoe always gives you energy and strength.

Shoes for outdoor volleyball

Outdoor shoes differ slightly from indoor shoes because they have deeper treads to maximize traction. It prevents water resistance, and its deep pattern creates durability that prevents players from slipping during the game. It offers more protection and durability than indoor shoes. It also has more cushioning than indoor shoes for extra support.

Shoes for beach volleyball

Apart from indoor and outdoor shoes, there is another type of beach volleyball shoes. Special care is also taken in the construction of these shoes. They have excellent traction for fast-running athletes and are also light in weight for good jumping. The light weight makes the game easier to play.

Top Brands of Volleyball Shoes

Here are some shoe brands to keep your feet fresh and look good in your game.

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Mizuno
  • Asics
  • Under Armour

Final Words

All the factors you need to consider to know “how to pick volleyball shoes” have been discussed. For example, good grip on the court surface, shoe weight, movement, stability, and comfort. Also, the width and size of the shoe are such that the foot touches the front of the shoe, and you feel uncomfortable, which limits your game speed. The most fundamental thing you should know is your budget. Can you buy the best shoes for your amount?  then choose a suitable shoe. Because all these factors significantly impact your future playing, you should think about these factors beforehand.

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