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As a person who loves playing pickleball or tennis, getting your hand on pickleball shoes can be challenging. You want to look for comfort, grip, and the best design all in one pair, which could be a frustrating but important task. Because whether you are a professional player or just starting out your 1st match on the court, the right choice of shoes can make a huge difference in your performance. So, you can take your game to the next level with the Nike pickleball shoes, as they provide the players with the needed support and comfort while playing on the court, even during long tough matches. 

The Nike pickleball shoes are not only the best performing, but they also present a variety of sizes and designs to give you a broad choice to choose from. Herein, we have made your job even easier by compiling the best Nike pickleball shoes with the best performance and appealing design, so that you no longer have to wander. 

Nike Court Zoom Lite 3 Hard Court Shoes

Nike Court Zoom Lite 3 Hard Court Shoes, Nike Pickleball Shoes

Is slipping while playing pickleball court a problem you face in every match? Or your support shoes are not so comfortable or cause foot pain after a match? If yes, then consider Court Zoom Lite 3 Men’s Hard Court Shoes by Nike, as they are specifically designed to tackle these pain points of the athletes.  They are manufactured to withstand the hard surface of the courts and provide anti-slip features and a strong grip while chasing your competitor.

The breathable fabric doesn’t let moisture build-up within shoes, hence keeping your feet dry and cool. While the padded midsole provides comfort and shock absorption during long hours of intense matches. With their stylish design and excellent performance, this pair of Nike pickleball shoes will boost your game and confidence at the same time. 

Key features: 

  • Best traction and grip to keep the players standing firm on the court without slipping. 
  • Their lightweight construction and airy fabric keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • The padded midsole keeps your feet comfortable and also absorbs shocks caused by jerks during the play.
  • Durable and high-grade construction materials make them long-lasting and reliable.
  • The lace-up enclosure provides customised fitting options for different foot widths and sizes.
  • Heels have a pull-off feature, with which shoes can be easily put on and off quickly.
  • The toa has been reinforced with extra padding so that it can withstand frequent wearing and tearing of matches. 


  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Customizable fitting
  • Reinforced toe
  • Breathable material


  • Limited to only hard surface courts
  • A little pricy 

Nike Women’s Court Lite 2 Shoe

Nike Womens Court Lite 2 Shoe

Get rid of blisters and painful toes while playing pickleball with Nike’s court lite 2 shoes. Its exterior is constructed with rubber which provides you the ultimate grip while running around the court, while the interior is well cushioned with phylon foam that provides your feet with comfort even after long hours of play. 

The stylish-looking shoes will make you feel more confident and stand out on the court while providing the needed durability and support. The combination of exterior leather and mesh fabric provides breathability and rigidity at the same time, which set the foundation of your game on the court. It absorbs shocks and puts less strain on your ankles so that you don’t feel tired after a match.

Key features:

  • The combination of leather and mesh exterior provides durability and efficient crossing of air so that shoes can stay long-lasting while keeping you comfortable.
  •  Well-padded midsole with phylon foam absorbs jerks while running across the courts, hence causing less strain on your ankles.
  • Outsole is constructed with a durable rubber material that provides the best grip on every kind of court surface.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy for the players to carry the shoes for long hours while playing intense games.
  • Their versatile design makes the shoes multi-purpose, like for running, trail walking, hiking, etc. 
  • There is extra padding around the ankle to provide additional support and comfort.


  • Very economical
  • Best traction
  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Extra cushioning


  • Less variety of sizes
  • No color options

Nike Men’s Tennis Shoe

Nike Mens Tennis Shoe, Nike Pickleball Shoes

If you are looking for pickleball/tennis shoes that can handle tough and slippery court surfaces while keeping their grip tight, then look no further than Nike’s men’s tennis shoes. They are designed specifically to perform best on the court either used by a beginner or a professional player. 

With its durable material and ergonomic cushioning, players get the best comfort and support throughout the play. Its unique style is influenced by basketball sneakers from the mid-1980s that fit the needs of the modern era very well. Hence, if you are a regular player or just play for fun, these Nike pickleball shoes will provide you with performance and comfort at the same time.

Key features:

  • The mesh upper allows the free airflow to avoid building up of moisture and sweat, hence keeping your feet dry and cool
  • The rubber outsole provides the best grip on any kind of court surface so that you can run behind the target without the fear of slipping
  • The well-cushioned midsole provides comfort and support avoiding pressure on your foot joints.
  • Overall lightweight of this pair makes you feel very light on your feet even after hours-long matches.
  • The low-cut collar is also padded and looks very unique and stylish.
  • The insole is removable, so you can remove it if you want to replace it with your other preferred orthopedic insole.
  • The lace-up enclosure makes these shoes fit any kind of foot width and shape.


  • Breathable material
  • Best traction
  • Lightweight
  • Traditional but trendy design
  • Detachable insole


  • Not ideal for extra wide feet

Nike Men’s Court Legacy Gymnastics Shoe

Nike Mens Court Legacy Gymnastics Shoe

The court legacy is a versatile and elegant option for playing pickleball on the court or also for other off-court activities. Designed with tough leather material, these shoes are durable and the rubber outsole provides excellent traction on the court surface. It also features a comfortable and ergonomic footbed that ensures your comfort and jerk absorption.

 The padded collar and tongue provide additional comfort to your joints during long hours of the intense game, while the lace-up closure ensures the shoe fitting so that you can run across the court without the fear of the shoe slipping off your feet. 

Key features:

  • The long-lasting leather construction makes the shoes durable and enables them to bear wear and tear. 
  • Sole’s rubber material and specially designed pattern provide a very firm grip for the players chasing their targets.
  • The cushioned collar and tongue not only provide comfort but also prevents direct contact of the shoe with the feet, hence preventing you from blisters.
  • The extra padded insole allows the shock absorbance and puts less force on your heels so that the player won’t feel tired during the match.
  • The lace-up enclosure provides a customizable fitting for players with different feet widths.
  • They are available in a variety of sizes and colors, giving you vast options to choose from.


  • Variety of sizes and colors
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable leather material
  • Padded collar
  • Strong grip


  • The leather upper doesn’t allow the airflow
  • Might feel heavy on the feet

Nike Women’s Tennis Shoe

Nike Womens Tennis Shoe, Nike Pickleball Shoes

As a woman, if you are after style and catchy color options along with performance, then Nike’s women’s tennis shoe is the option you should consider. They proficiently fulfill the demand of your pickleball/tennis game while boosting your confidence on the court. The all-white leather appearance gives these shoes a sporty look.

The rubber outsole is sturdy and provides excellent grip even on slippery court surfaces so that you can take quick pauses and runs without the fear of slipping out. The outer leather construction makes the shoes more durable and the inside padding enhances the comfort for the players, preventing strains on ankle joints.

Key features:

  • Extra cushioning of the heels provides comfort and impact absorbance during long pickleball matches.
  • A wide toe box allows free toe movement, avoiding the risk of cramps and other pains.
  • The lace-up feature of the shoes offers a comfortable fitting according to the feet’ width and the player’s comfort.
  • The toe area is reinforced with added material so the shoe won’t tear off as a result of continuous pressure from the toes.
  • The insole is well-padded to provide excellent shock absorbance and support to your ankle joints.
  • Specifically designed for women, these shoes are available in all attractive feminine colors and sizes.


  • Varied colors and sizes
  • Padded collar and insole 
  • Customizable fitting
  • Wide toe box
  • Designed for women


  • Might not be suitable for flat feet
  • A little more pricey than other similar models

Nike Men’s Court Vision Low Sneaker

Nike Mens Court Vision Low Sneaker

If you are a court game enthusiast like pickleball or tennis, then upgrade your game with these court vision low sneakers by Nike which are designed to be played in the courts. Constructed with durable leather material, these sneakers are long-lasting with holes on the front for ventilation so that you won’t feel irritated with your sweat during playing.

Cupsole is constructed with rubber for enhancing their durability and providing the best traction and stability on polished court surfaces. Their design is inspired by basketball sneakers from the 1980s to be fit for the modern era. Their sporty look and Nike’s logo look classic in any time zone.

Key features:

  • They are spacious from the inside so that they can allow flexible motion during quick moves and stops during pickleball.
  • The extra padded insole absorbs shocks and reduces the impact on your ankle and heel joints during long hours of game training sessions.
  • The upper outsole has mesh-like construction to allow free air flow so that the players won’t feel hot or sweaty during matches.
  • Rubber outsole has a herringbone pattern which is excellent in proving a strong grip while running around the court.
  • Its versatile design makes it the best fit not only for pickleball but also for other support types as well.
  • It is available in all-white colors to give a sporty look, but other cool color and size options are also available to fit your liking.


  • Airy mesh 
  • Classic design
  • Versatile usage
  • Extra padding
  • Flexible movements


  • Not for flat feet 

Conclusion and buying guide:

Picking the right pair of pickleball shoes is an essential decision for any player, whether they’re just starting out or a seasoned pro. It’s crucial to take into account factors such as the shoe’s grip on the court, durability, support, and comfort. Fortunately, Nike pickleball shoes excel in all of these areas, striking the perfect balance between ease, support, and performance.

Of all the options available, Nike Men’s Court Vision Low Shoes are an excellent choice, providing all the necessary features at an affordable price. For women, the Nike Women’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe is the top option, offering the ultimate combination of style and functionality. So, whether you’re a man or a woman, Nike pickleball shoes have got you covered, ensuring that you can take on the court with confidence and comfort.

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